The ART of adornment


Jennifer King, the imaginative energy behind ICE ART, has been designing accessories for over two decades. With an endless fascination for all things relating to art, pattern, and design she began as a graphic designer then shifted to jewelry design early in her career and has not looked back.
Her work is inspired by basic day to day things, a beautiful fabric, an interesting button, a walk through the hardware store, simple influences that spark complex outcomes.  Jennifer's pieces are stylish to be sure, but it's the artistry that is most important to her, it is perhaps more about arrangement and composition than it is about fashion or trend.  Ice Art is created with beauty and purpose in mind. Each piece is a lasting work of art, meant to inspire self expression, meant to be worn and to be adored.
• • •
Jennifer has also launched a fundraising initiative called Happy Heart Project. A special line of jewellery she created which sends a portion of the proceeds back to her community. This positive project has successfully raised $4000 to date.
25% of net proceeds goes directly to CLH Foundation, a wonderful organization which provides specialized services to children, youth and adults who have developmental support needs.
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Learn more about CLH Foundation