e m • b e l • l i s h • m e n t

~ noun ~

To make something more beautiful by way of a notable accessory or adornment. An elaborate addition to a story to make it more interesting and entertaining.

I C E • A R T Collections

An edgy collection that combines the classic style of Swarovski Crystals with hard industrial steel.
HeartSpace Collection
Beautiful, eclectic heart pendants, each one unique, each one handmade with love 🖤
This gorgeous mix'n match and stack'em up collection will soon have you swooning.

What's your story?

Dance your dance. You do you. Embellish yourself. It's your story, write it however you please.

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Happy testimonials from satisfied customers :)

I have been a patron of Jenn's forever....love her designs and so happy she is creating jewellery again! Can't get enough!

Cheryl- customer

I want one of everything!!!

Stacy- customer

This is one of my favourite places! Jen is always creating beautiful art to adorn my wardrobe... Not to mention she is a cool chick with a smile on her face and fabulous style.

Suzanne- customer